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Let your child buckle up with confidence. Get on the road faster and with less stress.

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Does your car have both buckles or are you unsure which one is right for you?

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Customer Reviews

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Kristine Gaa
Good product

This is just what I needed for the kids. They were always having trouble buckling themselves because the buckle could get pushed down into the seat when they would try to connect it. This sear belt block definitely helps. They can buckle themselves a lot faster now.

Great Invention

This is the best thing since sliced bread! My son usually fussed around trying to get his seat belt buckled from his booster seat. Several times I had to get out of the driver’s seat to help him secure his seat belt. With the mini LulaBloc, he has been able to secure his seat belt with ease.
The customer service is also fantastic! I initially purchased the wrong LulaBloc for my car. I was allowed to do an exchange for the correct one with no extra charge. Highly recommend this item and company.

Crystal Lewis
Works great!

The buckle in my 4Runner was so deep my son could never reach it. This helped pull it far enough out that he’s able to do it in his own.

Elvis Lim
Just what I needed...

Helps ease buckling. I just wish it was a little cheaper...

Alicia Eifler
Frustration resolved!

My 7yo was struggling with getting buckled in his high back booster because of the angle of the buckle. This little block solved it by stabilizing the buckle and making sure it doesn’t move. In his words, “this is the most awesomest thing ever!”

  • How do I use them? Just slide it over the buckle, it literally takes seconds.
  • Will they fit my car? Yes, they fit cars of all sizes, makes and models.
  • Are they safe? Yes, our patented design is mobility tested and 100% safe.
  • What if I don’t like it? Return them to us, no questions asked.
  • I have a different question, how do I ask it?We want to answer it! Email our CEO directly at Mike@Lulaclips.com