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How Our LulaClips Work

How Our BuckleAway's Work:

Product Features:

Our products are fully safety tested. Our magnetic car seat clips go through pull testing and our BuckleAway goes through full crash testing.

They install in seconds

When combined together, they get both all of the buckles out of the way!

3 reasons to buy


Like you, we are parents. We use these products on our own kids. We would never risk injury to our children or yours. For this reason, we fully safety test all of our products. Our LulaClips go through pull testing to ensure they can't be dislodged. They also use our childproof locking system. Our BuckleAway's go through full crash testing on forward and rear facing seats. Safe and secure.


Your satisfaction is the only thing that matters. Our products were designed to make life easier. If they are not doing that for you, return them to us for a full refund. It's that simple. If you need any assistance or help with a product issue, simply contact us and we'll help you out. The bottom line is we have your back. Buy with confidence.


You took the time to come to our site, check out our products, select them and go through the checkout process. The least we can do is get them to you for free. If you live ANYWHERE in the United States...yes, even Alaska or Hawaii, we will ship them right to your door in 3-5 days for FREE. If you are located outside the U.S. we offer low flat rate shipping options!

Reviews from other parents:

We think our products are cool. We're not the only ones.


You have questions, we have answers.

Are these safe to use?
My manual says not use accessories, are these okay?
How do your LulaClips attach?
My buckles are all plastic, can I still use your LulaClips?
I have a different question, how can I ask it?