Monster Cooler- Bottle Coozie



The Monster Cooler bottle coozie is changing the feeding game. The Monster Cooler keeps any beverage at the same temperature as what it was insterted at, for up to 2 hours. Need the bottle to stay warm? No problem. Heat, instert and it will stay warm. Need it to stay cool? Instert it, it will maintain its coolness. It holds MOST baby bottles, water bottles, mini gatorade bottles, soda bottles and it will even hold beer bottles and cans.

Bottle Coozi‍‍‍e

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Three Reasons You Nee‍‍‍d These:

Here is how it works:

Easier To Hold

The width and softness of our Monster Cooler makes it easier for your baby to hold. It also keeps their hands nice and dry!

Temperature is Maintained

Our Monster Cooler keeps the beverage insterted at that temperature for up to 2 hours. Warm or cold, it will handle it.

It's Versatile

Tall bottles, short bottles even cans. Our Monster Cooler holds nearly any bottle or can. From baby bottle to beer bottles, it can hold it.


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tool tip rectangle bottom

Adjustable height allows it to fit nearly any bo‍‍‍ttle

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No more wet rings on any of your furniture!

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It's width makes it easy for little hands to hol‍‍‍d!

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The material and design keeps the temperature consistent for up to 2 hours


Monster Cooler- Bottle Coozie



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