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We're parents too. We use these on our own kids. We take safety very seriously. The reality is, many aftermarket accessories are dangerous. They can change the position of the child and/or the function of the seat itself. We have designed and tested our products to ensure they do not do either. The video above is our BuckleAway product going through a full crash test. Below, we address some common questions.‍‍‍


My car seat warraty says aftermarket products void my warranty, is that true?

Every warranty is different. However, in most cases, that language is in your manual for LIABILITY REASONS not SAFETY REASONS. The car seat manufactuers do not want to be held liable for someone elses product. It's the same reason that our insurance provider requires us to indemnify the manufactuers as we do not want to be held liable for their seats. However, typically to void a warranty, they need to provide proof that installed accessory changes the position fo the child or seat and or alters the functionality of the seat. Ours DO NOT do either.

Are Your Products Safe?

Yes. Based on the use, our products go through different testing. Our magnetic car seat clips are attached to the seat via our child proof locking system. They are not "in use" when the seat is in use. Therefore, the only concern is their ability to be dislodged. For this reason we conduct pull testing. Pull testing rates the force required to remove an item. Our pull force is 3x stronger than the force required to remove the nose of a teddy bear. Our BuckleAway goes around the middle buckle and is "in use" when the seat is. Therefore, we do conduct full crash testing on this item as seen in the video above. We did this testing using the same restraint system found in most major car seats and performed the testing on forward and rear facing seats. Our LulaBloc product works independently of the booster. It is tested however, to ensrue that the buckle remains all natural movement.

My friend is a CPST and says these are evil, what is your response?

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. As far as CPST's go, they tend to be 50/50 with us. Some of the more respected CPST's like Jaimie Grayson ( NYBabyGuy) and The Car Seat Lady, endorse our products. But some follow the manuals 100% and do not deviate. We can respect that. We are not for everyone. However, we would never put our own kids or anyone elses in harms way. So we personally feel that our testing and designs are 100% safe and conduct all testing to validate that.

Don't some seats have built in options?

Some of the newer seats have started to include fixed strap holder designs into their seats. Took them long enough!=) With that said, the fixed options tend to only be helpful for a short period of time. Once your child grows, the placement of those fixed options tends to become less helpful. In any case, our middle buckle holder the BuckleAway, would still be a nice compliment. Get that here.

Can't my child get these off and stab themselves?

Valid question/concern. The answer is no. First, the car seat clips should be placed on the outer seams of the seat. If the child is buckled in properly and tight enough, they shouldn't be able to reach them. Additionally, we use a childproof  locking system that requires two adult hands to remove. Finally, in the event that they do grab them, and pull and the locking system fails, we designed the hand componet to break off independent of the locking system. The result is the sharp pin remains attached to the seat, the magnet remains fully encapsulated and they are left with a plastic hand that is two big to choke on. The picture below shows what that would look like.

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