Mini or standard? Which Bloc is right for you?

Our mini LulaBloc is half the profile as our standard version. This allows for it to be used on buckles that are naturally more recessed into the seat but can still move or push down further. If your buckle is floppy, our standard LulaBloc is the better option.

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Booster Seat Buckle Holder

"I want to do it!" How many times have you heard that being screamed at you from the back seat? You have an independent child. They want to buckle themselves however, the buckle flops away or gets pushed down into the seat. Our LulaBloc simply slides over the buckle and keeps it up next to the booster where it needs to be!


Magnetic Car Seat Clips

Our LulaClip magnetic car seat clips attach to ANY car seat and make the loading and unloading process a breeze.  You can now get the buckles of the car seat out of the way. No more digging under oyur babies butt. No more waking them while they sleep or burning their legs on the hot buckles.


Middle Buckle Holder

Our BuckleAway middle buckle holder is the perfect soluton to getting that pesky middle buckle of the car seat out of the way. It simply hugs around ANY buckle and utilizes our patent pending "snap" technology to snap the middle buck in and out of place. Combined with our Lulaclips, you can now get ALL of the buckles of the car seat out of the way way.

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