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Safe and secure. The LulaBloc maintains all natural movement of the buckle while simply preventing it from flopping away!

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Easy and Secure

Our clips use our patent pending childproof pin system to attach to any car seat or stroller. We conduct a pull test to ensure that these can not be pulled off by wondering hands or get dislodged in the event of an accident. The result? Our pull test is 3 times stronger than that of a teddy bears nose.

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magnetic car seat clips-  Blue Set

Booster Seat Buckle Holder- Set


magnetic car seat clips-Pink Set


magnetic car seat clips- 2 Sets Pink


magnetic car seat clips- 2 Sets blue


Get the extra set of hands you need.

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Our Magnetic LulaClips install with ease.

Strong and Safe Magnets

Our magnets are completely encapsulated to ensure that they can be dislodged. Strong and safe.

No more floppy buckles.

No more digging between the seats.

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Soft and Flexible

Our LulaBloc booster seat buckle holders are made of a soft flexible material. This allows them to fit over nearly any rear seat belt buckle and be easily installed.

Safe and Secure

The internal ridges are designed to securely grip the buckle and ensure it won't push up over the buckle release. The arched bottom, allows for all natural movement of the buckle while keeping it from flopping away.

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Booster Seat Buckle Holder-2 Sets



Your Independent child can easily buckle themselves.

magnetic car seat clips- Gray Set



magnetic car seat clips- 2 Gray Sets