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Stop the Flop.

The LulaBloc buckle holder will keep the buckle from flopping away from the booster. This makes buckling up a breeze.

Now you can load your sleeping baby without waking them up.

Safe and Secure.

Our magnetic LulaClips use our patent pending child proof pin system. They have a pull test rating 3 times stronger than a teddy bears nose. This means your child can’t get them off and in the event of accident these wont be dislodged. The magnet itself is full encapsulated. The “hands” are made of UV rated plastic to reduce heat.

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Pardon My Reach.

When reaching across your child to buckle you often have limited visibility. Finding the buckle can be difficult. With the LulaBloc buckle holder, you can see and find the buckle with ease.

I want to do it!

Isn’t the independence stage so much fun? Most 4-8 year old kids want to do everything themselves and that includes buckling. But when in the booster seat the buckle often flops away and they can’t do it. Stop the madness. Get a LulaBloc buckle holder and get going.

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Easy to install and easy to use

.Our magnetic LulaClip car seat clips install in seconds. Once installed simply clip the metal buckles to them. Boom. Just like that the straps and buckles are out of the way. This makes the loading and unloading process so much easier. Also, they grow and go with you. As your child goes simply move the clips up to grow with them and this way they are always in the perfect spot. New seat? Traveling? Stroller? No issue. They can be taken off and moved in seconds.

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Loading and unloading your kids can be hard.

Your independent child can now buckle themselves.

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